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​​​​​​​Cochise Animal Hospital Reviews

“ Penny loved coming here to get checked out! She had been having some stomach problems for about a week and they fixed her right up at Cochise Animal Hospital! She's already feeling better after a couple days of medication and a change of her food. The staff was great, everyone that we worked with seemed very compassionate and caring. They were also able to get us in the same day that I called in which was a big relief. Dr Thomasson was great with Penny I couldn't have felt more comfortable with his interactions with her. This was a great experience and I will definitely bring Penny back. I'm so happy to have finally found a vet that I'm completely comfortable using for all my animals needs!

Little tip: they currently have a Groupon available but even without it their pricing seems pretty great.”

Christy G.

“ My dog suffers from allergies. Dr Thomasson was treating her with monthly injections of Cytopoint which worked beautifully for her. Since we are spending the summer away, the vet in CA will only prescribe pills. I requested that he provides my dog with the same treatment she was getting in AZ. I called Cochise Animal Hospital and they are sending all our records to the reluctant vet in CA.
We miss Dr. Thomasson and his staff!”

ida d.

“ Cochise Animal hospital has always done a great job but they did exceptional today. My dog had an emergency and they had me come right in and provided quick clinical care for my pup. I'm so grateful to have such a supportive veterinarian clinic to go to and so is my dog !! Thank you”

Steve Burley

“Dr Thomasson looks after all our pups including our rescues. He's compassionate, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond what other vets do. His staff are wonderful and they are always there to help us when we need. He's so gentle and patient with our difficult pups and has a wealth of knowledge.
He can't recommend him enough and we are so thankful for everything he does for our pups and us.”

Terri N.

“ So grateful for all of you. They made my little chiauaua Kiki all better. I was worried sick for about 5 days about her(even took her to a different vet 3 days earlier who charged me 150$ for saying I needed to spend another 1000$ to see what was wrong with her. ) anyways they treated her so well and were so great, explained everything. She is all back to normal now. Thank you so so much. If I ever need anything related to my dogs again, I will not even hesitate.... I'm coming here.”

Adam D.

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